William C Bates

I started creating silver and copper wire jewelry in 2006 due to
necessity. I wanted some things which were not available so I made
them myself.

My first copper wire trees were to hold my copper and silver jewelry but
quickly evolved past that. I now create trees which are more art than
function. I create both realistic and fantasy trees in many shapes and
sizes. The smallest trees are made with about 8,000 inches of thin copper
wire and take about 6 hours to create. The largest trees are made with
about 18,000 inches of copper wire and take about 20 hours to create.

I also create copper wire figures which stand about 10 inches high.
They are hybrid tree/humanoid creatures which I pose to resemble
everyday people like fishermen, soldiers, and yes, even firemen,
all performing everyday tasks. They are neat and take less than an hour
to create.

I have always had an interest in photography. My style is not for
everyone. I do not take postcard photographs, instead, I take photographs
for myself and if others like them, that is a bonus. I jokingly tell people
I could be in a white row boat in a fog bank and find something worth

My trees have been sold in four different galleries and they have been
shipped as far away as Europe and Australia. If you like my art or are
interested in a print, you can email me by clicking